Orthopedic Surgery Specialist

Whether you need orthopedic surgery to repair an injury, replace a joint, or heal your spine, you can count on the expertise of One Oak Medical. Our doctors are available to diagnose your condition and provide nonsurgical and surgical care. Schedule an appointment using online booking or call one of the offices in Wayne, Paramus, Middletown, and Point Pleasant, New Jersey, or Staten Island, New York.

Orthopedic Surgery Q & A

What services are provided by orthopedic surgeons?

Orthopedic surgeons are extensively trained in surgery — they’re the experts you need for problems like complex fractures, ligament tears, or joint replacement — but they also provide the full range of nonsurgical care for all conditions and injuries that affect your musculoskeletal system.

Our doctors are experts in all aspects of orthopedic care, from conservative therapies to minimally invasive robotic surgery. You can count on us when you need to relieve pain, repair injuries, or treat disease.

What are the different types of orthopedic surgery?

Although nonsurgical treatment is the first option considered, some orthopedic conditions, like fractures, muscle tears, dislocations, and degenerative conditions, require surgery to prevent disease progression and ensure optimal healing.

A few examples of surgical procedures commonly used during orthopedic surgery are:

  • Bone fusion to relieve pain, restore stability, and correct deformities
  • Internal fixation to hold broken bones in place while they heal
  • Joint replacement to alleviate pain and restore range of motion to damaged joints
  • Osteotomy to correct deformities by cutting and repositioning bones


Our doctors have extensive experience performing spine surgery. We are uniquely qualified to treat problems like herniated discs and pinched nerves. Two examples of spinal procedures we commonly perform are a lumbar laminectomy to restore your spinal canal and discectomy with a bone fusion to decompress nerves.

What are the benefits of minimally invasive surgery?

We specialize in minimally invasive surgery, which includes arthroscopy to diagnose and treat joint problems, as well as spine surgery.

Traditional open surgery uses a single, long incision. Minimally invasive surgery uses several incisions that are all very small. Specialized surgical instruments contained in long, thin tubes are inserted through the incisions to perform the procedures.

The principal tool in minimally invasive procedures, an endoscope or laparoscope, contains lighting and a camera to give us a magnified view of the surgical site.

We are also highly experienced in robotic surgery, in which we control robotic arms that hold and maneuver surgical tools. Advanced robotic systems offer better precision and enhanced flexibility, and they provide better control than is possible with human hands.

Since minimally invasive procedures cause less trauma, you gain health benefits such as:

  • Little to no muscle damage
  • Quicker recovery
  • Less post-surgery pain
  • Minimal scarring


If you have questions about orthopedic surgery or need to schedule an exam, call One Oak Medical or book an appointment online today.