Laminectomy Specialist

Are you suffering from consistent low back pain? At One Oak Medical, Dr. Faisal Mahmood offers laminectomy to relieve pressure on the spinal canal and help you permanently eliminate pain and mobility issues. Dr. Mahmood treats men and women at several convenient locations in Staten Island, New York and Wayne, Paramus, Middletown, and Point Pleasant, New Jersey. For a personalized consultation, call the office or book online today.

Laminectomy Q & A

What is a laminectomy?

Also called decompression surgery, a laminectomy is a procedure that removes the lamina, the bony arches that sit on the back part of each vertebra in the spinal canal.

The goal of a laminectomy is to help relieve pressure on the spinal cord by giving it more space. If the spinal canal is too narrow, this can cause symptoms like chronic back pain, pain that radiates down the arms or legs, or issues with mobility.

You might need a laminectomy if conservative treatments haven’t been successful, or if your symptoms are getting dramatically worse.

In many cases, a laminectomy is done in conjunction with the surgery to treat a herniated disc. In these procedures, Dr. Mahmood removes part of the lamina so he can get better access to the damaged disc.

What happens during a laminectomy procedure?

Dr. Mahmood starts by making an incision directly over the affected vertebrae, and he gently pulls apart the muscles and tissue to reach the spine. Using special instruments, he removes the lamina. He may also remove bone spurs, growths, or damaged disc tissue during the procedure. Finally, he closes the incision with stitches.

What can I expect after a laminectomy?

Many people return home the same day as their procedure. You may notice immediate improvements in your symptoms after a laminectomy, including less pain and better range of motion. These symptoms may return as you age, but Dr. Mahmood can help you design a lifestyle plan to support long-term spine health.

Physical therapy is often part of the recovery process, which helps you to improve strength and flexibility. You might need to limit certain activities for several months, like bending, lifting, or extreme exercise. Dr. Mahmood may also prescribe medication to help you manage pain.

As an expert orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Mahmood has helped hundreds of patients become pain-free through laminectomy. To find out if it’s right for you, call One Oak Medical or schedule an appointment online today.