Orthopedics Specialist

From broken bones to sports injuries, orthopedic care can help you make a full recovery without invasive surgery. For a customized consultation with orthopedic specialists Dr. Faisal Mahmood and Dr. Ahmad Badri, visit One Oak Medical at one of their convenient locations in Staten Island, New York and Wayne, Paramus, Middletown, and Point Pleasant, New Jersey. The earlier you get treatment for a musculoskeletal problem, the better your chances of reducing pain and long-term damage. Call to schedule an appointment or click to book online today.

Orthopedics Q & A

What is orthopedic care?

Orthopedic care involves the diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems, including injuries, chronic diseases, or conditions that affect the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.

In most cases, the goal of orthopedic care is to help you eliminate pain and recover mobility and strength in the affected area. Surgery is generally a last resort, but it can be the best option when more conservative methods have failed.

What conditions can orthopedic care treat?

If you experience chronic pain in a specific part of your body, such as a joint or tendon, orthopedic care can help you find relief. Difficulty doing everyday tasks, signs of inflammation or swelling, or limited range of motion can also benefit from orthopedic care.

The doctors at One Oak Medical specialize in the treatment of a variety of spine and orthopedic conditions, including:

  • Disorders of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine
  • Degenerative spinal conditions, spinal tumors, spinal trauma, and revision spinal surgery
  • Hip and knee arthritis
  • Sports-related injuries, including shoulder, hip, and knee ailments

What treatment methods are used in orthopedic care?

Your treatment starts with a personalized consultation and full physical examination. Dr. Mahmood or Dr. Badri typically discusses your health history and reviews your previous medical records or tests. He may follow this with blood tests, X-rays, or other diagnostic procedures.

Each person has a unique treatment plan, but your care might include:

  • Site-specific injections for relief from pain and inflammation
  • Physical therapy
  • Splints, casts, or other immobilizing devices
  • Minimally invasive or traditional surgery


Your doctor tailors treatment to your needs and adjusts your plan over time, as necessary.

What results can I expect with orthopedic care?

At One Oak Medical, the short-term goal is to help you quickly restore function in your body and eliminate pain. The long-term goal is ensuring your musculoskeletal integrity and health while preventing future complications.

Whether your issue is minor or more severe, Dr. Mahmood or Dr. Badri can help you navigate your orthopedic care options so you can experience optimal health.

For a personalized consultation, call One Oak Medical or book an appointment online today.