ACL Surgery Specialist

One of the most common knee injuries is to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The skilled team at One Oak Medical provides innovative treatments, like minimally invasive surgery performed by surgeons Dr. Faisal Mahmood or Dr. Ahmad Badri, to repair various orthopedic issues, including ACL injuries. To restore your knee’s stability and reduce your pain, schedule an appointment online or call One Oak Medical in Wayne, Paramus, Point Pleasant, or Middletown, New Jersey, or in Staten Island, New York.

ACL Surgery Q & A

What is an ACL injury?

Your knee is comprised of three bones connected by strong collateral and cruciate ligaments. The collateral ligaments brace your knee and control sideways motion.

The cruciate ligaments control the backward and forward motion of your knee. Your anterior cruciate ligament runs across the middle of the knee. It offers rotational stability and keeps your tibia and femur bones in place.

ACL injuries are often complete or near-complete tears. Approximately half occur with additional damage to cartilage, ligaments, or meniscus.

What causes an ACL tear?

ACL tears are common in sports, especially basketball, football, soccer, and skiing. Injuries are typically due to:

  • Sudden stopping
  • Trauma to the side of the knee
  • Overextension of the knee joint
  • Incorrect landings after jumping
  • Quickly changing direction during movement

What are the symptoms of an ACL tear?

If you have an ACL injury, you might have several symptoms, including:

  • Tenderness
  • Loss of motion
  • Pain and swelling
  • Discomfort when walking


It’s also common to experience a popping sound, or that knee gives out at the time of injury.

How are ACL injuries treated?

Your ACL treatment depends on the extent of your injury and your lifestyle.

For less active men and women, Dr. Mahmood or Dr. Badri might recommend nonsurgical treatments like a brace to increase stability or crutches to keep weight off your injured knee while it heals. Additional nonsurgical treatment typically includes physical therapy. This approach is designed to restore function to your knee and increase its muscular support.

Often, ACL tears require surgery for a full recovery.

What can I expect during ACL surgery?

ACL surgeries typically involve ligament reconstruction. The doctors are experienced orthopedic surgeons who perform this treatment using minimally invasive surgical techniques.

During your procedure, your surgeon replaces your torn tendon with a tissue graft. Tissue grafts come from various sources, including your own patellar, hamstring — quadricep tendons — or from cadaver tissue.

The doctor performs your ACL surgery using an arthroscope. This minimally invasive technique uses small incisions and results in less pain and quicker recovery times.

Following ACL surgery, your surgeon outlines a rehabilitation and physical therapy program to restore your knee strength, function, and range of motion. Your rehab plan is designed to return you to your active lifestyle.

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