Pregnancy Specialist

Getting quality medical care throughout your pregnancy keeps you and your baby healthy and ensures a smooth delivery. Practicing at the offices in Wayne, Paramus, and Clifton, New Jersey, you can trust Dr. Aiman Shilad and the rest of the One Oak Medical team to support you throughout your pregnancy and give your unborn baby a healthy start. Use online booking or call the nearest office today to schedule your first prenatal appointment.

Pregnancy Q & A

Why is prenatal care important?

If you don’t get prenatal care, your baby is three times more likely to have a low birth weight and five times more likely to die during pregnancy or delivery. Prenatal care is important whether this is your first pregnancy or your fourth.

Prenatal care helps detect health problems in both you and your baby early on so they can be treated. It also helps keep you and the baby healthy, so complications are less likely to arise during pregnancy and delivery.

What types of advice will I receive during prenatal care?

Dr. Shilad compassionately helps you understand healthy behaviors — and unhealthy ones to avoid — during your pregnancy. These include:

  • Taking a prenatal vitamin daily to get enough folic acid and other nutrients that protect against congenital disabilities
  • Stopping smoking
  • Maintaining a nutritious diet
  • Avoiding X-rays and certain medications
  • Keeping you at a healthy weight, gaining the right amount of weight as your pregnancy progresses

How often should I visit the doctor during pregnancy?

Dr. Shilad sets a schedule of appointments according to your particular health needs and depending on where you’re at in your pregnancy.

You can expect to see Dr. Shilad about once a month in the first half of your pregnancy, and then twice a month in weeks 28-36. After week 36, you may have regular weekly appointments. If you’re older than 35 or have a high-risk pregnancy, you may have appointments more often.

What should I expect when I see the doctor?

The stage of your pregnancy determines what happens at your prenatal visit.

During your first visit, Dr. Shilad will discuss your health history, your family medical history, and any current health problems or symptoms you may have. You’ll get a full physical exam, including a pelvic exam, and have your urine and blood tested. This is an excellent time to ask Dr. Shilad any questions you have about your pregnancy.

Visits further into your pregnancy may include ultrasounds, checking both your vitals and those of your baby, measuring your weight gain, and reviewing any health issues of concern. Dr. Shilad orders routine tests, such as those for anemia, HIV, your blood type, and for genetic factors at different times during your pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant, pursue prenatal care with Dr. Shilad at One Oak Medical by calling the nearest office or booking an appointment online today.