Deanna Senacore

About Deanna Senacore

Deanna Sanacore is a dedicated healthcare professional, a board-certified Adult Nurse Practitioner with a specialization in acute care. Her journey in the field of healthcare began at Holy Name Medical Center School of Nursing, where she earned her foundational education and graduated in 2012.

Driven by a passion for learning and patient care, Deanna continued her academic journey, achieving her Bachelor’s degree from Thomas Edison State University in 2016 and her Master’s degree in 2020. Her extensive education laid the foundation for her expertise and commitment to providing exceptional healthcare.

Throughout her educational path, Deanna engaged in diverse clinical experiences, gaining valuable insights in primary care, internal medicine, and emergency medicine settings. Notably, she seamlessly balanced her academic pursuits with hands-on experience, initially as a nurse on a critical care step-down unit and later as a nurse in the emergency department.

Since 2020, Deanna has been making a significant impact in the emergency department as a nurse practitioner. Her ability to handle critical situations with poise and expertise has earned her a reputation for excellence in emergency care.

Deanna’s journey now leads her to One Oak Medical, where she is set to make a profound impact as an internal medicine provider. What sets Deanna apart as a healthcare provider is her holistic approach to patient care. She firmly believes in considering the patient as a whole, tailoring treatments and interventions to align with their unique lifestyle and needs.

Understanding the challenges posed by rotating shifts, Deanna is well-versed in addressing the specific health concerns that can arise in such demanding work environments. She is not only a healthcare provider but also an advocate for alternative lifestyles and a dedicated ally of the LGBTQA+ community, ensuring a safe and inclusive space for all her patients.

Deanna Sanacore’s commitment to patient-centered care, her wealth of knowledge, and her advocacy for diverse communities make her a valuable asset to the field of healthcare. Her journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of those she serves.